Strengthening Families for the Future

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Strengthening Families for the Future


Format: Kit • Package of 4 English manuals, 1 French manual and 2 children's books

Strengthening Families for the Future is a prevention program for families with children between the ages of seven and 11 who may be at risk for substance use problems, depression, violence, delinquency and school failure. The program is designed to be delivered by a team of four facilitators who have experience working with children and parents. It is activity based and promotes learning and practice in communication skills, problem solving, anger management and other areas of family functioning.

Health Canada and others have cited Strengthening Families as one of the best interventions of its kind. It is effective because it involves the whole family. The goals of the program are to:

  • reduce children’s or adolescents’ intention to use alcohol and/or other drugs, and reduce other behaviour problems
  • increase children’s resilience and life skills
  • increase positive and effective parenting
  • increase family communication.

Families meet for three hours once a week for 14 consecutive weeks. Each session begins with a family meal and is followed by separate programs for children and parents. In the final hour, children and parents come back together to practice what they have learned.

 The Strengthening Families resource includes:

  • everything you need to know to start a program and to keep families coming back—sample consent forms, promotional materials, job descriptions and more
  • outlines for 14 parent, child and family sessions, complete with background information for facilitators, session objectives, presentation scripts and handouts for participants (in English and French).

Although the resource is a complete “how to” guide, training and program consultation is available from your local CAMH consultant.

Information about Strengthening Families for Parents and Youth, a second version of Strengthening Families, for families with teens 12 to 16 years of age, is available at

This product is available in English only.
Ce produit est offert en anglais seulement.

Published: 2006• ISBN: 9780888685278 (print) • Product Code: P5607

Ce produit est offert en anglais seulement.
This product is available in English only.

Publié : 2006 • ISBN : 9780888685278 (version imprimée) • Code de produit : P5607