Youth Wellness QuestYouth Wellness Quest

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Youth Wellness Quest

Finding the Right Supports for You


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For young people experiencing mental health or substance use challenges, getting help is often the first step toward getting and staying well. It can be hard asking for help. It can also be hard to know where to start. The Youth Wellness Quest resource is meant to support youth in better understanding what kind of help may be right for them.

The Youth Wellness Quest resource is made up of a checklist and guide. The checklist can help youth identify the types of support that are most important to them. The guide provides more information about the sections listed in the checklist, including:

  • Information about different types of services available and what they offer
  • An overview on different types of people who can provide care or support for youth
  • An exploration of options for how youth may access the services they need
  • Information on confidentiality and privacy when accessing service
  • Tips on self-help techniques that youth can use on their own.

This resource was developed by young people on CAMH’s Youth Engagement Initiative and the National Youth Action Council. It is supported by the Margaret and Wallace McCain Centre for Child, Youth and Family Mental Health and the Child, Youth and Emerging Adult Program.

The Youth Wellness Quest is available in hard copy, which includes both the checklist and guide. You can also access an electronic version of the Youth Wellness Quest resource at This website includes a PDF version of the checklist and guide in two separate documents, along with a more extensive version of the guide.

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