First Stage Trauma Treatment

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First Stage Trauma Treatment

A Guide for Mental Health Professionals Working with Women

Lori Haskell

Format: Paperback

While post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has been recognized for some time, only recently have therapists begun to recognize and address complex post-traumatic stress responses in female clients who have a history of early or chronic abuse.

Most mental health service providers recognize the challenges in offering help when a client’s problems seem complex and overwhelming, and they may be unsure of how first to intervene. First Stage Trauma Treatment provides a conceptual framework along with practical ideas and strategies. Readers will learn:

  • about complex post-traumatic stress responses (including depression, self-harm and substance use)
  • the importance of timing when addressing women’s trauma experiences in therapy
  • about the complex biopsychosocial context of women’s trauma and its treatment
  • the basic components of staged trauma treatment, with an emphasis on the first stage
  • the specific tools and strategies to use when beginning this work.

Women experiencing complex PTSD may seek help at any number of services, so First Stage Trauma Treatment is written for a diverse audience: mental health and addiction service providers who actively treat women who have survived abuse, and allied caregivers who wish to understand more about the clients they serve.

About the author

Lori Haskell, PhD, works as a clinical psychologist in private practice, dedicated to issues of violence against women and children. She has worked with women who are sexual abuse survivors for over 20 years, and has conducted research on the prevalence of sexual violence in women’s lives and on topics such as anti-violence education and intimate femicide. Dr. Haskell is an Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, at the University of Toronto.

This product is available in English only.
Ce produit est offert en anglais seulement.

Pages: 208 • Published: 2003 • ISBN: 9780888684141 (print) • Product Code: PG113

Ce produit est offert en anglais seulement.
This product is available in English only.

Pages : 208 • Publié : 2003 • ISBN : 9780888684141 (version imprimée) • Code de produit : PG113